Business Management

The Star Consultant Program 

The Star Consultant Program

Money Management and Business Basics 

Setting Up Your Tax Files for Success

Setting Up Your Tax Files for Success

The Earned Discount Privilege 

The Earned Discount Privilege


If you do this, your accountant will love you…

1)  File all your receipts as you go! 
2)  Write the purpose on all of them! 
3)  At the end of the year, add up the total amount in each file and have it ready to go for your accountant.
4)  Keep a good mileage log with odometer records.
5)  Call your accountant by the end of February to book an appointment for your taxes.

Mileage Log

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Year-End Tax Prep

Money Management

Any small business owner must  manage her money wisely, and you are no exception!

Manage your money wisely, and you will always experience financial stability within your business.

Money Management Worksheet

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